Professional audit services
Professional Audit and Accident Prevention Services For Social Housing Throughout the UK

Gas site audits
Professional Gas Safety Auditing for commercial and domestic gas sites throughout the UK.  

CTSGroup have been offering advanced gas safety audit services to the public andprivate sectors for the past 12 years, through its team of professional gas safety auditors.

Our Gas Safety Auditors are all fully qualified gas registered A1, or V32 Assessors with years of experience and an auditable CPD Profile of the highest standards. 

Our Team is on hand to deliver emergency gas audit inpection services, planned and responsive gas safety auditing and accident investigation. 

Gas Safety Audit Services

Our gas safety audit services have optional gas safety cpd solutions to address audit findings. The same CPD can be used as a business opportunity for our clients and their contractors, who are able to contract out our services to their own benefit.

Gas and Electrical Site audit

Christian James, Field Operations and Deployment Manager says "We have a very talented team working on our UK Gas Safety Audit and Performance Management Projects who are available 6 days a week and who can be deployed for both emergency and planned services at very short notice.

Our services come with exceptional savings opportinities and performance  enhancements to benefit our customers gas safety and heating maintenance personnel 

   Gas Safety Auditing

Our Gas Auditors are all members of the Guild of Professional Gas Engineers and Administrators and have up to date CPD audit credentionals that demonstrate they are the countries most effective, efficient and highly capable Gas Auditors. 

Quality Audit Services

For informationon on our range of gas safety audit and accident investigation services simply contact Free Phone on 

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Performance Auditing, Staff Appraisal, Recruitment and Cost Management Services

CTSGroup are experts in their field and with their National team of qualified and experienced professionals, we are able to easily identify areas of poor performance and deliver intuitive, innovative and exciting solutions, and resources to improve Health & Safety, performance, reduce uneccessary costs and free up more funds for primary investment projects. 

We can Deploy professional specialist services for your business, inhouse or virtually, 24/7, the year round so that your business is always working for you.
Principal, Brandon Howard says "Our Goal is to provide advanced and strategic Management Services to Implement Quality ISO9001 Gas Safety and Mechanical Engineering Quality Control that is self funding and provided from within our customers own management structure. Our Clients' Must keep control and authority over their contractors and employees, and this is only achieved with and infective inhouse, independant quality management structure that audits its spending, operational performance and ongoing compliance. We are able to boast 100% Compliance for our customers, putting our customers business at the lead of the pack.  Our services are self funded within the savings we are able to deliver to our clients, and our consultaions absolutely free of charge. We realy are that confident of our services."

With experience in performance management and planned target achievement we simply can't be beaten on the level of service we are able to provide.

Our Speciality areas are Heating Maintenance, gas and electrical management and third party contracting services.

Gas Safety Audit

Whether your business is managing 100 or 100,000 properties we are able to deliver resources 24hrs a day 365 days a year at short notice.

Zero Budget Services for Contractors
We provide a zero budget service for private contractors, where costs are covered 100% in the savings we bring your business.
 cost management, quality audit, and gas safety contracting support services, simply ask for a free consultation. With fresh ideas we can give your business back its profits with very little input. Our services can be delivered out or inhouse or as a guided and planned in house support service to meet your ISO9001 Quality Standards Provision

Gas Safety Auditors

CTSGroup are able to offer short notice off the shelf, or bespoke gas audit services anywhere in the UK, covering all housing and contracting service disciplines including our most popular Mechanical Services Audit in Gas Safety. Gas Safety Auditing meets parts of most social housing and private contracting firms legal requirements, and our professional services are gauranteed to save our customers money. All our services can be provided on a commission only basis  to demonstrate that our costs only come from the savings we are able to provide your business.

Advanced Audit Services 

CTSGroup use a variety of gas auditing methods to  inspect  and evaluate a Social Housing DLO or Contractors' Performance in delivering both a planned and responsive gas safety and heating maintenance service.

For Social Housing Groups in the UK who have chosen to take the step of bringing their projects inhouse, our specialist team are able to formulate our customers own inhouse management team to successfully integrate this type of project. Our Consultants are happy to provide a free consultation anywhere in SCotland, and the UK on this service.

The purpose of the gas safety audit is to confirm that the employer and landlord are meeting their legislative requirements under the gas safety installation and use regulations 1998/2009, regulations 3,4, 35, and 36. You can look at these by clicking here. These requirements are elevated further for social housing groups who are both landlords and employers.

Current investigations have demonstrated an urgent review of gas safety audits and M&E performance reporting in the social housing sector, where a lack of experienece and poor advise have been resulting in sub standard, even dangerous service delivery and poor value for money.

CTSGroup are unique in their approach to gas safety, mchanical engineering, electrical and building services auditing. We have brought fresh new ideas and common sense into the gas safety Industry. As Professional, Independant Trainers, Assessors, Verifiers and Auditors the service we provide is miles ahead of our competitors and this is quick;ly demonstrated to our clients.

We specialise in helping our ciustomers run their own business, and provide their own in house specialist services without the costs. We are able to provide a fully inclusive on tap, and teailor made service to our clients 24 hrs a day 7 days a week, 365 days a year anywhere in Scotland, the UK, and infact the World. We are able to support our clients needs technically, administratively, and safely in every aspect of their housing and contracting business.

Quality Management Software Solutions for Social Housing and Private Contractors

Gas Safety Audit Software

Our Audit Reporting is all delivered online through our secure database servers and can be accessed by our clients anywhere, at anytime, using secure login credentials and advanced security software. Our Services Include;
  • Daily gas safety document auditing and verification (Same day service available)
  • In-house gas safety management auditing (ongoing, quarterly or annual reporting)
  • On the job one to one quality auditing of gas safety testing and inspection of employees, and contractors
  • On the job, post work inspections, (daily, weekly, monthly or annually) with instant reporting
  • Off the Job Inspection, audit, and training (ongoing, or bespoke).
CTSgroup are able to provide perfect support solution to your business from providing an audit database on our secure servers,  Gas Safety Certification Software for use on tablets, phones, or laptops, instant audit of all gas safety certificates to ensure compliance, and an up to date live report of your compliance. The service can extend to compliance planning and guidance fed through your own team, or as a contractor service to provide targets and performance analysis.

Our Services can be provided to support our clients deliver their own authoritive solutions over contractors and project teams, without the need to employ staff to do this. We can provide exacting solutions cost effectively on demand, or on contract.
For details of our extended services or a free, no obligation consulation call our freephone number now or email at

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